What is Speed Lead?

Speed Lead is an automation service for Instagram. It works with the official Instagram Web Platform on our server. It logs in with your selected Instagram account and starts simulating human behaviour. It reaches more than 40,000 users of your target audience each month. With its method you can receive tons of likes, comments, and 2000+ followers a month. You can get more than 200 on the first week for free during your trial period.

How does it work?

Speed Lead searches for accounts you specified to target, follows them for a certain period of time, and likes a picture of them as well. This happens 1100 times a day. The process is carefully designed, to work on maximum speed to bring followers for you. You normally gain around 120 new followers and lose 50, so at the end you have around 70 new followers each day with many likes and comments on your content as well. These are real people interacting with you by their own choice.

Powerful Targeting.
Select your audience.

You can target via Location, Hashtag. People with money? Only in New York? Get crazy amount of customers in no time.

Take a Peek.
It works like this.

Colonizer is an Android game that's using Speed Lead on its Instagram. Check their Dashboard to see all their stats real time:

View Demo

Why Speed Lead?

Because this is the most effective way to build real, targeted, long term followers on Instagram without you having to manually struggle with settings and fail with the results. We have a team that sets everything for you and guarantee results. Did you notice how other services never mention numbers for you? With us you can get 10000 followers in just 5 months. They will keep following and interacting with you even if you stop using Speed Lead, as they are real.

What's the Price?

The service will cost you $65 USD / week. Unlike other services, Speed Lead and our support team figures it out for you. To activate the service, you'll need to subscribe with PayPal. The first week is free, then the payments are flexible. No fixed contract or notice period, you are free to come and go as you please and can cancel anytime you wish. But we hope you stay! We also have a 100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy. Start now with a free trial.

7 Day Trial


You get

  • 2000 targeted followers / month
  • Likes and comments on your pictures
  • Attention and engagement from real people
  • A responsive support team
  • Time for other things in your life
  • Free for a week, then $65 USD / week (cancelable)

Real Analytics.
Beautifully designed.

All analytics of your campaign are genuine and can be verified. We don't fake engagement and pride ourserlves on the quality of service.

Peter Elek

@befitwithpete +8k in 4 months

" For me Social media is one of the key tool as a personal trainer! Beside of the fact that i am increasing the number of my followers on my Instagram, SpeedLead provides me the opportunity to get to know more people who has the same interest as me! "

Skinner Layne

@skinnerlayne +11k in 5 months

" Speed Lead is an incredible service for managing and growing your Instagram following, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs who need an active social media presence but don't have the enough time to do it right. I wholeheartedly endorse the service and would recommend it to anyone. "

Gyorgy Szucs

@gyorgysz +16k in 9 months

" I'm the creator of Speed Lead. I work with data integrations and automation technology. I came up with a method that simulates human behaviour on social media apps. Speed Lead is for Instagram. I designed it to generate buzz for your profile, so that people can find it easily and follow you for your content. "

Learn more.
Check out our Instagram.

Speed Lead's Instagram profile has more details and examples for you. Check out how our customers use Speed Lead.

How is this going to work?

1 Sign up

Type your Instagram username and your email address here to start. We respect your privacy, no newsletters.

2 Activate

After setting a temporary Instagram password, sign up with PayPal to validate your account. You won't get charged, it's a free plan.

3 Customize

You can set your target audience by hashtags and locations. Our support team is happy to help building your brand.

4 Warm up

Among with some temporary followings, you already start receiving followers and likes on the first day. Be patient, we start slow.

5 Great results for free

On the 7th day, at the end of the free plan, you will be having 200+ extra followers among with many likes and comments on your content.

6 Fame

You can decide to continue with Speed Lead and get 10000 followers in just 5 months.

30 slots left.
Get yours quick.

As we provide personal support and work with Instagram's Official Web Platform, we have limited slots for running free trials. Sign up quick.


Make money with us.
Be our affiliate.

We pay you 15% after each payment your partners make. Log in or email us to receive your affiliate URL. Whoever signs up from there will be connected to you (forever).

7 Day Trial


You get

  • 2000 targeted followers / month
  • Likes and comments on your pictures
  • Attention and engagement from real people
  • A responsive support team
  • Time for other things in your life
  • Free for a week, then $65 USD / week (cancelable)