Speed Lead

Instagram Automation

What is this?

Speed Lead is an automation service for Instagram. It works with the official Instagram Web Platform on our server. It uses your selected Instagram account to simulate human behaviour. Based on a plan you choose, in a month Speed Lead can reach out to 100,000 distinct Instagram users. You can gain 2400 followers each month with around 22,000 likes on your content. We give you a 90% discount for the first week, so you can see that it really works.

How does it work?

Speed Lead searches for profiles you specified to target, follows them for a certain period of time, and also likes a bunch of posts of them. Since 2018 we also give likes to certain targets without following, extending Instagram's daily limits. We call it the Like Gun. The process is carefully designed to reach the highest possible speed for your Instagram growth.

In a day you normally gain around 130 new followers and lose 50, so at the end you have around 80 new followers each day with nice comments and around 700 likes on your content. All these are real people you targeted, they interact with you by their own choice.

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$29 / week

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$119 / month

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$39 / week

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$169 / month

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$49 / week

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$199 / month

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$59 / week

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$249 / month

with CC or BC

No fixed contract or notice period, you are free to come and go as you please and can cancel anytime you wish. We also have a 100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy.

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After you complete your payment, you'll be asked to set a new Instagram password for your security, and then taken to the Speed Lead Dashboard where you can target your new followers. In case of any question, contact our customer service at info@speedlead.co

Why would You need this?

Instagram now has more than 800 million monthly users and sky-high user engagement levels. Whether you’re growing your own personal account or working on behalf of a company, Speed Lead is the perfect solution for you to grow your business! Our business clients report an instant boom in sales, while personal accounts experience a level of user engagement never seen before. Speed Lead is NOT working with an army of fake profiles, we target real people that you can profit from.

Our features

Advanced Targeting

You want your followers to be real people? You want them to come from where you live? You want to specify what they should be like? Speed Lead is the only service where you can target with merged locations, hashtags, and even keywords. Precision!


1000+ times a day we follow someone coming from your Advanced Targeting. We also unfollow 1000+ accounts, but from 3 days earlier. This is called rotating followings. It's fully automatic, and you can customize it 100%. Classic!

Like Gun

Besides rotating followings, we also give likes to certain posts of people from your Advanced Targeting without following, thus extending Instagram's daily limits, and reaching the maximum amount of people for you. Revolutionary!

Competitor followers

You have competitors? Steal their followers. You can set Instagram accounts that are similar to yours, so Speed Lead will monitor their account 24/7, registering all their new followers and targeting them for you. The best way to get many followers! Barbaric and smooth!

Reports on Effectiveness

You want to know what target and what competitor works best for you? Or which ones just don't? We offer a special service where we link each followed profile to the source target. You will have a live feed of the results, telling you how each target performs and what to change. Very effective!

Auto message Followers

Greet your new followers with a customizable message. Fully automatic. Perfect if you're selling something and want to convert your followers into your customers. We send this message in a comment on their first post. Maximum conversion!


Peter Elek

@befitwithpete +14k in 7 months

" For me Social media is one of the key tool as a personal trainer! Beside of the fact that i am increasing the number of my followers on my Instagram, SpeedLead provides me the opportunity to get to know more people who has the same interest as me! "

Skinner Layne

@skinnerlayne +11k in 5 months

" Speed Lead is an incredible service for managing and growing your Instagram following, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs who need an active social media presence but don't have the enough time to do it right. I wholeheartedly endorse the service and would recommend it to anyone. "

Gyorgy Szucs

@gyorgysz +26k in 14 months

Buzzweb rating: " Perfect. We recommend to hire this blogger. This person has good audience quality, engagement rate, and authenticity. He/she doesn't use mass following. All these make this influencer a great choice for your marketing campaign. "

Can you keep your followings?

Yes! We save your initial followings (unless you tell us otherwise), so those profiles will never be unfollowed by Speed Lead. While using our service, you can use Instagram normally, like before. If you wish to permanently follow a profile manually, we provide an editable "white list" for you where you can add those profiles, so they won't be unfollowed by us. You can even specify to never unfollow them, unless they unfollow you first.

Why Speed Lead?

We know there are a lot of similar bulls**t out there.. Too many. But Speed Lead actually works. With 3 years experience, after many satisfied customers, utilizing Instagram's official web platform, we are the safest, most effective way to build real, targeted, long term followers on Instagram without you having to manually struggle with settings and fail achieving your goals. We guarantee results. Did you notice how other services never mention real numbers for you? With us you can get 10,000 followers in just 4 months. They will keep following and interacting with you even if you stop using Speed Lead, as they are real.